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For foreign students

Welcome on the pages of The University Catholic Movement Brno (VKH Brno)!

VKH Brno is a civil society (a non-profit association), which closely cooperates with the Jesuit Order ( We offer an alternative way of spending free time for the Brno university students, we organize and mediate lectures, seminars, spiritual exercises and cultural events for Brno students; we also stay in contact with similar oraganizations in other cities in the Czech republic and abroad.

Students can use an area of the Student Centre (SC) situated in Kozí street 8. The main parts of SC are library, a computer room and the SC Gallery. The preparations for the sacrament of baptism, confirmation and Eucharist are held in this space. The tearoom after Monday holy mass, the preparation of food for the poor arranged by the community of St. Egidio and also the film club, the preparation of student theatre performances and couples of student fellowships - all this happen nearly every week in SC. Come and see! Our pliable administrator of SC will welcome you in the opening hours from Monday to Thursday.

The absolvents of Brno universities are linked up in The Academic Forum (AF), where they can enlarge their points of view to current news and enrich themselves with experience of other graduates. AF also take part in lecture cycles of VKH.

There is the executive organ of VKH, the Student Council, which is elected every year. The Student Council meet every second week to solve the problems and realize new ideas in VKH Brno. Councellors are representants of these various resorts, one per each - lectures, activities, finance, VKH Czech Republic, SC Gallery, propagation, liturgy, charity, fellowships. The activities of Students Council are also supported by cooperators in other sections: library, choir, webhosting...

Student holy mass is held every Monday and Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the church of Virgin Mary Assumption (the Jesuits) and every Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. In the Advent period there are early morning holy masses at 6 a.m. After the most of Monday holy masses there are lectures in the Martin Středa Hall, which stands next to the church. There is also a possibility to join the student group, which prays vespers in the Radio Proglas every Monday evening.

English holy mass is held in the Chapel Barunka during an academic year every Sunday at 9 a.m. The side entrance to the Chapel is from Mozart street. Everyone welcome!

Our student padre P. Mirek Herold SJ (604 348 821;, who speaks both Czech and English, is disposable to national and also foreign students, who can also turn to the Student Council with any special request.

We wish you nice stay in the Czech Republic and more in the Moravian capital Brno. And we will look forward to see you at any our activity or in the Jesuit church.